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Why Curb Appeal?

Our specialty at Curb Appeal Power Washing, LLC is making sure the job is done right. We serve both large and small local businesses, industrial sites, residences, restaurants; there’s no job too big or small that we can’t tackle.   We use professional grade equipment and solutions to make sure you are happy with a job well done.  Curb Appeal Power Washing serves a variety of private and commercial properties across Western Kentucky, Southern Illinois and Southeastern Missouri.  Contact is today for a FREE quote.

Residential Property

For most people, your home is the largest investment you will make.  Curb Appeal Power Washing uses professional grade solutions and equipment to make your home sparkle. We are pressure washing specialists and the cleaning techniques we employ will give you the absolute best results in the industry. We will have your property looking great while protecting the surfaces we clean.  Whether you are looking to clean your home, driveway, sidewalks, deck, patio or outdoor buildings, Curb Appeal is the right choice.

Commercial Property

No other team across Western Kentucky, Southern Illinois or Southeast Missouri conducts commercial pressure washing as professionally and efficiently as Curb Appeal Power Washing, LLC.  We have the proper equipment to clean your property the right way.  Pressure washing and stain removal is our specialty. We can help you maintain the professional look and surroundings of your commercial property by performing both one-time services or a regular cleaning schedule. Our packages are affordable and services reliable.




Improve Your Home’s Appearance:

This is the number one reason to clean the exterior of your home. For most people, your home is the largest investment you will ever make.  By cleaning your home, you can roll back the clock and reverse marks left by the environment. Whether you plan to keep your home long-term or you plan to sell your home in the future, a well cleaned home will raise the value of your property. Remember, the first thing people will see is the outside of your home .

Make Your Home Last:

Whether your home is brick , stucco , vinyl, aluminum or wood, the exterior of your home will last longer with proper routine maintenance which includes annual cleaning with Curb Appeal.

Create A Healthier Environment:

When most people pressure wash their home,  live contaminants are just washed into your flower beds, lawn and sidewalks where your kids and pets play.  Quite simply, high pressure water will not kill mold, mildew or bacteria.  Most algae, moss and lichens will simply start to grow again wherever they land.   Curb Appeal uses a special mixture that will not only remove, but also kills those live contaminants so they won’t pose any risk to your family’s health any time soon.